Dear Client and business partner,

As we look back at the beginning of 2021, it seems that little has changed.

This year we had high hopes for a return to normality, made possible by the introduction of vaccines.

Looking back on the year, we had a period that was close to normality, but not quite, and the virus gave us a new variant just when we were told that our progression of the pandemic was irreversible.

At present, we face another series of further restrictions to contain the 5th. COVID wave and its mutants.

Although it is likely that the virus has a few more tricks up its sleeve and will give us a few more twists and turns, the exodus from social measures to contain the spread will most likely continue to decline over the next year.

Many of our entrepreneurial clients continue to innovate and prove adaptable and resilient in the face of challenges.

So have most of us adapted the increased use of video calls and home working. There is no doubt that innovative ways of working will continue to be developed and brought to market.

We look forward with confidence to our growth and expect many new M&A deals, funding solutions, legal and tax consultation and structuring challenges to assist you with in 2022!

With appreciation of your business we share our warmest wishes with you for a Happy Holiday Season with your loved ones and for a healthy and prosperous New Year!!!