Swiss Funding Forum is an initiative of Birch and partners.

Swiss Funding Forum is your co-entrepreneur, maximizing value creation for both project owners and investing partners.

SFF and partner companies work with you, to start or accelerate your business growth in Europe. We dedicate our efforts exclusively to companies with a scalable business idea, aiming to make a positive impact on a sustainable economy for future generations. We aim to create profitable sustainable growth. How? By being an entrepreneur, just like you are!

Hands-on entrepreneurship

Do you need to turn a business idea into a real life company? Need to set up the right value adding partnerships? Do you want to create a public & private funded business case? Do you need to develop profitable markets? Trying to spin out IPR?

We team up with you to take on any of these business challenges or others. The partners of Swiss Funding Forum (SFF) have a proven capability to turn sustainable business ideas into quantified business cases into running profitable operations with a ‘high upside – low risk’ profile.

SFF stands by your site to help build and accelerate your companies’ growth. Unlike traditional consulting firms, our goal is not to service you with research and advice reports. No! We help by being your co-entrepreneurs; by being member of your management team or executive board, or even – if needed – by participating in your company.

From there on we build together by coupling an entrepreneurial spirit with a well-structured process to assess, optimize and realize your company’s development on the items sustainability, financial return and realization.

Committed to Sustainable Development

Investors are aware of the global impact of their everyday activities and habits. Therefore they are committed to sustainable development and are open to maintaining new standards in their personal and professional lives. Our entrepreneurial clients understand that sustainable innovation drives performance.

Todays investors feel an increasing responsibility to support and actively back sustainable innovations and initiatives. They realize the potential of investing in innovative companies, favoring the attractive returns of smart investment choices accompanied by the environmental and societal benefits.

Bridging smart businesses with investors.

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SFF aims to connect smart and innovative business ideas with committed investors. Working from Switzerland means that SFF has immediate access to more than 300 Financial Institutions and their Investment Funds, more than 3000 Independent Asset Mangers and numerous Family Offices, Incubators and seed investors all   looking for investments in start-up, early- and mid stage companies who will make a difference or disrupt existing ‘way of doing business’.

Operating at the public – private intersection

SFF believes that only through the joint efforts of investors, entrepreneurs, governments & academia, true impact can be made in building a sustainable competitive economy;

‘entrepreneurs will drive the change, capital creates the opportunities, governments set the conditions and academia offer the technological progress needed’

We believe in an impact through innovation and economic development where these three parties connect. The triple helix is the breeding ground for new innovative sustainable companies. And all stakeholders need to be addressed accordingly.

That is why SFF operates at the intersection of Entrepreneurship, Government and Academia. This is reflected in our team members’ backgrounds.

SFF is one of the unique players in the market that combines experience en network in all relevant fields: Government, Academia, ICT, High Tech & Services industries, and Capital markets. Most of the partners of SFF being entrepreneurs ourselves for years now.

When working with SFF, you tap directly into this vast network and years of experience. On top of that SFF maintains an impressive network of specialized service providers on fields like Finance, Legal, Tax, ICT, and Public Funding.

Investment Funding Services

For investors seeking opportunities, companies seeking expansion capital and companies wishing to establish or expand their businesses in Europe, SFF offers dedicated Europe Investment Services. SFF acts as bridgehead and prepares successful landing of companies in Europe.

Depending on the required preparations, SFF can take on activities such as:

  • Prepare & conduct fact finding missions
  • Market analyses & business strategy design
  • Build business partnership and R&D consortia
  • Acquire local & European public funding
  • Create access to local or international private funding (informals, venture capital, private equity and banks etc.)
  • Public affairs and advocacy towards local and European governments
  • Scan target Joint Venture or Take Over companies & negotiations
  • Establish a compliant legal and tax fundament
Swiss Funding Forum is supporting and a participating partner of the Healthy Aging program of The University of Groningen, The Netherlands, which is strongly supported by local health care authorities, insurance companies and local governmental bodies.

Our core team
Our team reflects the multidisciplinary qualifications needed to establish successful ventures in a combined private and public environment.

The benefits of working with a Group of dedicated partners

Swiss Funding Forum is the platform for matching those he seek capital and those who are looking for investment opportunities. SFF is also involved in business development which is part of the SFF group of partner companies. Based on our firm believe that Companies, Governments, Academia and Capital together make true impact, SFF partner companies offers also investment screening and wealth structuring services.

SFF is connecting Asian capital with European investment opportunities through its foothold in Singapore and Hong Kong. Asian capital finds its way to Europe using interfaces like SFF in order to find, negotiate, finance and manage their investments.

Exploring shared ambitions

Are you considering investments in or across Europe or are you an entrepreneur on the bridge to bring your business to the next stage and in need of a true entrepreneur at your side?

Are you looking for seed funding or adequate alternative funding to expand your business to the next phase?

Let us then explore the opportunities of a possible cooperation together!