Birch Wealth Services is a legal-, tax- and financial advisory boutique with a strong focus on Corporate Finance and alternative Funding consultancy. Birch is active in the Benelux and Nordic countries.

We offer solutions to the complex investing, legal and tax planning needs of (U)HNW private clients and entrepreneurs.

Birch provides interdisciplinary value-added integrated solutions. Either in-house by one of our experts, or in narrow collaboration with ‘best-in-class’ leading third-party providers.

We have a strong focus on the specific requirements of entrepreneurial clients running their businesses, including sophisticated legal- and tax solutions, alternative funding requirements, corporate finance, etc. We also have a special interest for investor protection strategies and to unlock the financial potential of blocked assets.

Birch Wealth Services acts as a partner and ally to international oriented, ambitious and creative (U)HNW private and entrepreneurial clients.