Our vision

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Our beliefs about serving clients

Business partners, partners and associates of Birch all have a long history in the financial sector. Together we came to the conclusion that the way we were doing business was not the way we want to work with our clients in the future. Therefore Birch has developed a long-term operational strategy with a strong focus on independence, business ethics, transparency and good governance, ingredients to help you navigating and steering through any waters.

Long term vision

At Birch, we firmly believe that the future success of our company will be rooted in our independence. With the majority of the ownership and responsibility for the management in the same hands, our focus can be on long-term results and continuity.

We also are firm believers that the past financial turmoil followed by the global economic crisis and current global imbalances cannot be resolved by using traditional solutions. The context in which business will be done has dramaticlly changed in the past few years:  the tectonic shift of economic power combined with new actors in the global political arena demand for a new approach taking into account the environmental, socioeconomic and governance challenges.

As the Dutch famous Admiral Michiel de Ruyter once said before a battle: ”please do not try to predict the future, but try to imagine how the future would look like”… and this is exactly what Birch does, taking adequate steps to protect and grow your wealth considering your current and futur requirements.

It is important to clearly state some of our core beliefs with respect to serving clients at Birch.

Every Birch client situation is unique, complex, and confidential — we are a team of professionals providing service to the family with excellence and discretion.

Birch is independent and objective — our only client and our only source of income is the family itself, and we will operate using the fiduciary standard to evaluate all decisions through the filter of what is best for the family.

Birch provides the comprehensive picture, combining information from all of the advisors, investment managers, businesses, assets, family members, etc. into one report.

The level and type of service we provide will be tailored to fit the needs of our client — some services may not make sense for some families, and there will always be special projects that never show up on any list of services.

We recognize that the best way to provide long term, reliable and unconflicted legal, tax and financial services is within a privately held, independent boutique like consultancy companies, therefore free from the clear conflicts of interests and sales driven culture so prevalent within large advisory firms and banks. In the various services Birch provides, partners involved have a direct interest.

Why are we different?

Partner owned

As an partner owned company Birch’ interests are closely aligned with our clients. Practicing wealth management services from your perspective means we actually view the task of delivering services tailored to our clients’ needs through a very different lens than other providers. We start from the perspective of being an investor – just as you would. Not worrying about ´selling´ services or products allows us to take a contrarian view. That means we can look out of favor, new discoveries like small service providers unable to ‘sell’ easily or providers who not yet have a ‘track record’, but who i.e. have great ideas or investment philosophies to uncover real growth opportunities for our clients.

Being owner operated, we believe continuity is another strong asset of our company. Of course, talented colleagues will be offered co-ownership in our company.

Independent and objective

The only source of income we have is our clients willingness to pay our invoices.  We therefore will operate using the highest fiduciary standard to evaluate all decisions through the filter of what is best for our clients.

Size matters

Because of our size we have the potential to deliver better performance than our peers. We are highly entrepreneurial, more flexible and passionate about our business. We offer the advantage of agility as we are unencumbered by layers of management and are free to make quick decisions.

Partners with experience in the financial environment

The partners together bring the necessary experience to perform as a quality boutique. We embrace open architecture; services are outsourced, where greater competency is found externally.

Flexible organization

We are careful to either outsource non investment functions or hire professionals to help business development and client service. By doing so, we provide an unparalleled client experience!

We are planning for a long-term relationship. For this reason, we are proud to say:

Your interests are aligned with ours!

It is our core belief that international wealth consultancy and private banking is and will be a fundamentally solid and a global expanding market for the years to come. However, it will be shaped by very strong competition and highly increasing client sophistication and focus on financial, legal and tax matters. This calls for a re-thinking of the traditional and often stiff banking business model and segmented approach to clients. We believe that the future calls for service providers delivering high quality service, with a strong reactivity to the clients’ needs, and able to accompany the clients with a true alignment of interests between client and service provider.

Our goal is to serve as a long term trusted partner and an expert in sustainable wealth approach using its Wealth Care concept for our clients. Our service model will be based on ‘open architecture’. We aim to have a very efficient and lean organization focusing on long-term client relationships rather than a shortsighted product driven sales organization. Birch is among the first international wealth advisor to integrate a responsible approach towards wealth using its Wealth Care concept.

We are dedicated to our clients and take great satisfaction in giving them the reassurance that their wealth is in the best care. What counts for clients is the security of knowing that at Birch we put their interests first and they get the best there is in financial advice. By offering this, we are able to build a relationship of trust that allows us to stand by our clients during all important stages in their lives.

‘’The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today’’

– Franklin D. Roosevelt –

Mission Statement

As a Partner owned company, Birch’s interests are closely aligned with most of our stakeholders (clients, business partners, shareholders) at all levels. Practicing wealth management from our client’s perspective means we actually view the task of managing our clients’ portfolios through a very different lens than other providers. We start from the perspective of being an investor, just as our clients would. Not worrying about ‘selling’ products allows us to take a contraire view.

Being owner operated, we believe continuity is a strong asset of our company. One of our most important commitments is to provide exceptional service to our clients. The best way to achieve this is to deliver superior long-term performance. We acknowledge that the quality of service we provide for the client is a key component to our success.

In short:

  • Birch is an independent Wealth Solution provider.
  • We will focus on our Wealth Care concept in selected markets, either alone or with sound complementary business partners.
  • Birch services companies are valued by its clients as a highly competent, reliable and competitive solution provider.
  • We follow a strict concentration on core value-added services with rigorous outsourcing of standardized workflows and back offices to outside service providers.
  • We feel that our Wealth Care concept is the best method to protect the interests of our clients.
  • We also believe that sustainability must be included in economic success and are sensitive to environmental and social issues..
  • Our aim is to create long term client partnerships by delivering unique investment insight and exceptional client service.
  • We strive to co-operate, attract, retain and develop the best professionals within a passionate services culture through a commitment to our values.
  • We require state-of-the-art behavior in all our activities and interactions based on principles of Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness.