What we do

Birch Wealth Services provides integrated wealth solution services to private and entrepreneurial clients. Besides our concentration on delivering wealth protection solutions we also provide creative solutions to financial challenges clients face and independent financial advice with a strong focus on long term client relationships.

We have a strong focus on Wealth Protection and Wealth Preservation and achieving your private and business goals. In preserving your Wealth and managing your Business we must create sensitivity among our clients about certain Risks affecting both. Therefore Risk Mitigation and Risk Management is on the core of our Wealth Care Concept.

We will navigate you through the sometimes unpredictable legal, fiscal, financial and funding environment and consult you on how to create a robust fundament to achieve your private and business goals.

Birch Wealth Services is a full service unit for clients seeking an integrated approach to the wealth management challenges they face both on the short and long term. It all starts to create a complete understanding of both their personal, family and business situation.

Our main task is to protect and preserve our clients’ assets. In our understanding of Risk Management; we i.e. use  legal, tax and financial structuring and engineering opportunities providing investment protective solutions for our entrepreneurial clients.

To meet our clients requirements Birch embraces an holistic approach: looking for the best possible solution for our client’s needs, keeping in mind and not forgetting about his ‘big picture’, our clients’ particularities and their preferred future family and business scenario.

Today’s families need skilled generalists and they prefer smaller, service-oriented providers with multi-disciplinary teams taking care of the families’ wealth issues – a dedicated team with high-caliber staff who are familiar with the client’s family structures and their special needs. Therefore the members of Birch have joined together to offer a more comprehensive independent (legal, tax, financial) service to our clients.

Wealth Care Concept
Birch has developed a Wealth Care Concept, a step by step process aiming to identify exactly what clients need to do to ensure that they have certainty about meeting their personal, family, business and life-style goals.

Our highly bespoke and personalised Wealth Care Concept creates an effective financial coordination by one overseeing and managing all various professional disciplines (legal, tax, finance), necessary to manage your wealth affairs. Solid wealth planning services is the back bone of our Wealth Care Concept.

Our Wealth Care Concept touches three key areas:

  1. asset protection structures,
  2. investment monitoring
  3. tax, legal and financial planning,

Wealth Planning is the art of planning and structuring your wealth during the creation of it, to preserve it, and in order to transfer this wealth to the next generation in a tax optimized way. Wealth planning is a mix of tax planning, asset protection, estate planning, financial engineering and business succession planning and relates to your total worldwide wealth.

Wealth is always under threat. Sophisticated wealth planning services become more important in this rapidly changing world. Wealthy families have gotten much more international over the last decades. Often children or other family members live, study or marry in a different jurisdiction where assets are being held in a number of different foreign jurisdictions. There is a growing number of divorces and second or even third marriages and the next generation often has a completely different view on the wealth generated by the previous generation.

In most countries privacy also becomes more and more seldom, and an increasing number of governments implement austerity measures, scrutinizing the rich and your wealth, or a part of it, is jeopardized.

Without planning your family’s assets properly, the assets will increase less, can disappear over time or be jeopardized due to a wide variety of reasons (divorce, death, creditors etc.). However, with putting correct wealth planning structures in place most threats can be neutralized.

Structuring your wealth is one of our core activities and one of the most important reasons why you should engage with Birch!

Private Entrepreneur Office. 

When selling the family business, which generate substantial liquid assets, clients will transform from an entrepreneurial family into a wealthy family. Current bank relationships do not work anymore, as the needs of the family after this transition have changed dramatically. In this new stage the client’s family will need specialized advice (succession- & financial planning, protection, philanthropy, governance etc.) in order to deal with several issues key to consolidating its wealth and enduring this wealth for future generations.

The best possible legal and fiscal structure calls for optimum means of implementation and first-rate ‘after-care’ to guarantee continuity. We offer customized services, particularly in the legal, tax and financial fields. If required, Birch also provides (directly or through ‘best in class’ service providers) support services to assist clients in setting up, managing and administering foundations and spv’s, so that they are always fully in compliance with the local and international legal & fiscal requirements.

Experience has shown us that when servicing (U)HNW entrepreneurial clients, the requirements have mostly three dimensions:

  1. Take care of my private assets and structure them well according to my requirements,
  2. Control and overlook my liquid assets I privately hold but also which are hold in my (holding) company, foundation, trust,
  3. Assist me with my entrepreneurial affairs, advise me on financial facilities and instruments or set-up a company structure in jurisdiction X etc..

Therefore we are convinced that in offering also above mentioned services we are better able to build strong client relationships and with that increase client intimacy and retention. In our view we believe that Fiscal & Legal consultancy, Financial planning, Asset structuring, Investment monitoring and Entrepreneur Services go ‘hand in hand’ and – brought under one roof – are a strong incentive, among others, for prospects to deal with Birch.

With our inter-disciplinary team, Birch not only concentrates their services on your personal aims and desires, but also integrates your business engagements into these services as well.

Business Advisory

Family business owners are continuously developing and refining their business strategies with the aim of achieving financial goals in an efficient and effective manner. We can assist in this process and help business owners with alternative funding for their ‘roll-out’ strategies or acquisition plans.

We provide assistance to young entrepreneurs in evaluating business start-ups. Birch has extensive experience in conducting business appraisals and in providing timely advice on how to improve financial performance. We can also bring to bear a number of local and international contacts and leverage solutions derived from different perspectives.

We work with local and international investors and financial institutions to establish viable and workable platforms from which to implement these strategies and monitor their success by reaching the desired goals and objectives, maximise profitability, create innovative solutions and manage any risk involved.

Principal areas were we can provide value include:

  • Access to seed investors, private equity funds;
  • Smart equity;
  • Develop pitches, business plans and financial projections;
  • Business development by finding the most accurate business partner;
  • Project finance.

Birch’s advisory service brings together the partners’ extensive exposure to various business sectors with its meticulous, analytical approach to problem solving.

Capital raising advisory.

Birch is a founding partner of Swiss Funding Forum and through the SFF interface Birch acts as a bridge for international investment opportunities in European attractive disruptive start-ups and growth companies (IT, Health Care, Renewable Energy) and the primary European financial centers.

SFF helps preparing the presentation of start-up companies to be professional and timely, and also structured for investors (fund managers, private equity companies, seed investors, vc’s, banks etc.) within their respective sectors of interest. In addition we advise on the preparation of requisite offering materials (Investment Memorandum, Fact Sheet, Master Presentation). Our experienced multi-lingual team can offer targeted introductions as part of multi-country roadshows we regularly organize.

Birch also represents family businesses with strong cash flows, well established in their markets and growth potential. We work with these small-cap opportunities to provide (private) investors a direct investment channel to determine if the offering is suitable for their portfolio. These direct offerings are normally structured as straight debt, convertible debt or equity.

Birch works with the family business owners in raising debt and / or equity capital from investors located in the major European financial centers in Switzerland. If required Birch helps from start to finish by evaluating the company’s business plan and financials, their target market and forecasts.

We strive to ascertain the most economically attractive and flexible financing structures consistent with current market conditions and management objectives. Most importantly, Birch seeks to protect present shareholder value, while allowing for maximum flexibility. Birch advises its clients on the process of raising seed capital or operating capital and the equity or debt required to accomplish the shareholders’ goals. Whether it’s expansion or business turnaround,  our clients benefit from our significant experience and success in corporate finance restructuring.

As your consultant, we seek to assist in the reorganization & restructuring of financial assets and liabilities and create the most beneficial financial environment for the company. We consult on the optimum financing structure, taking into account the client’s historical and projected operating results, shareholder/management needs and investor requirements.

We prepare our principal – business owner for a roadshow presentation, and schedule appointments with the appropriate investors, in a process that lasts approximately two weeks. During this time frame we can also assist to improve visibility for the company. This allows us to get the most exposure for the company relative to its sector, ensures a high degree of success for the project and enables companies to access investors.

This potential for forming new, positive business relationships is complemented by setting up the fundament for subsequent financing rounds, through maintaining a close contact with the investors, that work towards creating a sentiment of mutual trust, vital for a durable mutual beneficial relationship.

Our Business Model?

Birch preferably contracts with the principal (client) and may outsource (subcontracts) specific ‘specialist’ tasks to external providers (unique specialists). Birch however, is the maestro, responsible for harmony between the individual musicians in the orchestra providing that unique sound to its spectators. Birch sometimes may even act as a match maker, bringing clients together in order to develop or undertake business or investments together.

In short: partnering with you!



Employee owned

As an employee owned company Birch´ interests are closely aligned with our clients. Practicing wealth management services from your perspective means we actually view the task of delivering services tailored to our clients’ needs through a very different lens than other providers. We start from the perspective of being an investor – just as you would. Not worrying about ´selling´ services or products allows us to take a contrarian view. That means we can look out of favor, new discoveries like small service providers unable to ´sell´ easily or providers who not yet have a ´track record´, but who i.e. have great ideas or investment philosophies to uncover real growth opportunities for our clients.

Being owner operated, we believe continuity is another strong asset of our company. Of course, talented colleagues will be offered co-ownership in our firm.

Size matters

Because of our size we have the potential to deliver better service than our peers. We are highly entrepreneurial, more flexible and passionate about our business. We offer the advantage of agility as we are unencumbered by layers of management and are free to make quick decisions.

Partners with long history in financial environment

The partners together bring the necessary experience to perform as a quality boutique. We embrace open architecture; services are outsourced, where greater competency is found externally.

Flexible organization

We concentrate on our core services, but are careful to either outsource or hire professionals to help business development and client service.

Funding Forum

With our public-private Funding design abilities we add something completely new to the existing funding landscape. The combination of private funding and attracting public means to invest in sustainable projects delivering interesting returns, is a niche where we truly differentiate from our peers.

Client first approach

We acknowledge that our client quality of service is a key differentiator for our success!