Make our planet great again!

Today on 1. June 2017, the US President cancelled the Paris Climate Pact. Due to the effects of unprecedented Global Warming, we may face in the near future a much bigger environmental and social crisis then the financial crisis we have dealt with in the recent years.

Together with other challenges like regional conflicts, water shortage, diseases, poverty, demographics etc. we are confronted with challenging economical and environmental issues.

We have been cautious optimistic about a sustainable recovery of the global economy. However, we still believe that we can turn the global challenges into opportunities for you! We have the courage to work with you alongside in financing most promising companiesreturns in a challenging economic environment. Together with you we will invest in the trends that will shape the future. But, we will remain disciplined in scanning suitable sustainable investment projects. It is not about predicting the major growth trends of the new decennium, but about to imagine what trends that will be.

We use our expertise to conceptualize the future to create value for you and all stakeholders involved. We will invest in innovative solutions to global challenges like global warming, water scarcity and conservation.

But, we will also introduce you to new companies contributing to the needed transformation to a low carbon and resource efficient economy. Or to companies, who develop solutions (improve access to care, find diseases earlier and treat them more efficiently) for the expanding and aging populations. These are only examples of many (infrastructure, digitalization etc.) more global opportunities.

It is our obligation to capitalize on the major growth trends of this decennium and to work on a sustainable global economy; investing from your perspective only!


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