Difficult weeks ahead: As A Global Citizen, Birch is Staying Home!

In the face of a global pandemic we need to act as Global Citizens — with humanity and kindness towards our neighbours, our friends, our communities and those across the world battling this virus.

Across the world people are losing their loved ones, their jobs and the security needed to keep their families safe, but there’s something you — and all of us — can do right now to protect millions worldwide.

The virus has already cost thousands of lives and shut down entire economies, and it’s especially scary because it’s contagious even if someone doesn’t have symptoms.

In slowing the spread of the virus and staying at home you are making the world safer for those working on the frontline in our hospitals and on our streets to keep us safe.

The more people who take this pledge and stay at home, the more lives we will save together.

If we all pledge to stay home, the virus can’t spread. And that means we can make the world healthy again. By staying home now means we can bring back a safer world faster.

#TogetherAtHome #StayHome



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