Pandemic and client requirements

Client requirements during the Pandemic have changed. Clients expect a solutions provider to oversee the multi-dimensional aspects of their family’s financial affairs not only addressing the impact of today’s turbulences at the global markets.

In the past few months Birch has identified a number of criteria, listed below, clients consider of utmost importance and expect from their advisors to meet these expectations. We want to be part of the small group of financial boutiques who have been able to not only meet, but in many instances exceed client expectations on the majority of these criteria, where the financial services industry has been struggling to meet these criteria in current turbulent times.

Criteria clients feel should be addressed by their advisor:

1. Always having the client’s family’s best interests behind every financial recommendation,

2. Providing clear and timely communication,

3. Resolving problems quickly and to your client’s sat­isfaction,

4.Possessing a comprehensive breadth and depth of industry knowledge,

5. Delivering high-level personal service,

6. Fully disclosing all fees,

7. Fully understanding client’s family’s goals and needs,

8. Being focused on overseeing client’s financial affairs, not marketing own services,

9. Keeping clients informed of any events that might impact their family’s wealth,

10. Developing and communicating a financial recovery strategy for the client’s family,

11. Helping create and execute an up-to-date financial plan,

12. Care (legal, tax, succession, education, philanthropy etc) about the client’s family more than just promoting their investments ideas,

13. Coordinating all clients’ family’s financial (including legal & tax impact) decisions,

14. Helping clients organize and keep up-to-date all their important financial statements, documents, etc,

15. Using external experts (‘best in class’ specialists) to help with other financial areas.

Guiding and advising wealthy families through these uncertain times requires a depth and breadth of knowledge of our clients’ requirements and family issues, the current financial environment, asset protection structures, investment opportunities, etc.

Our advisors are true knowledge workers; we have to in order to keep ahead of our colleagues at other institutions. We are open minded, understand the nature of the current crisis and develop protection and recovery strategies for our clients.

In today’s world of information overload, our colleagues understand that they must go much further. We transform information into useful knowledge and then when appropriate, communicate this knowledge to our cli­ents, prospects and other team members. This requires old-fashioned hard work. In other words; we translate complexity into understandable straight forward solutions.

With the current turbulences caused by the COVID-19 pandemic our focus is on timely and professional delivery of services promised. Regardless whether a particular wealth management solution is time consuming or profitable, we will deliver.

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