It‘s election day!

Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 unfolded like a slow-motion avalanche as state after state broke for him by margins both shockingly wide and mind-bogglingly narrow to those following the conventional wisdom.

Across the political divide, no one will ever forget that night – but in many ways, the president himself seems to have never moved on at all.

Wherever he goes, Mr Trump himself mentions that election. He snipes at “crooked” Hillary Clinton and how she was universally expected to win; he brags about the states he won, the order in which they were called on the night, and the things he said at rallies that he reckons swung the voters his way.

Donald Trump’s last campaign stop sounded a lot like the 16 that came before it since last Friday, but he notably thanked his closest lieutenants and thousands of supporters in Grand Rapids – even acknowledging in his own way he might lose.

The populist president who has bragged about being the disrupter-in-chief even seemed a bit reflective as he started wrapping up what might be his final rally as a non-lameduck chief executive: “I’ve never enjoyed anything as much in my life… It’s been an honor.”

What will he have to say in four years’ time about the events of 3 November 2020? In a few hours we may have an idea. But one thing we know for certain is that The Donald is once again heading into election day a clear underdog – and that however long the odds, to count him out entirely would be reckless.

Election day, mercifully, is finally here.

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