What we’ve stopped noticing about the Trump presidency

In the way you stop smelling the stench of garbage when you live next to the dump, we’ve stopped noticing a disturbing fact about the Trump presidency. 

The USA is beset by the worst crisis in at least 75 years. The pandemic rages because we failed to control its initial spread. The economy is grinding to a halt. Unemployment is stuck at depression levels. Mass protests demanding policing reform have transfixed the nation. An economic war with China is deepening into a Cold War.

President Trump isn’t doing anything about any of it, and more disturbingly: Americans don’t even expect him to do anything about any of it.

Is he chairing daily meetings of a pandemic task force? Is he meeting with school superintendents to find out what resources they need to open safely?  Is he negotiating into the wee hours with Nancy Pelosi over the shape of the next emergency relief bill? Is he calling BLM leaders to discuss law enforcement reform? Of course he’s not. 

All reports indicate that he’s singularly focused on his reelection. Yet the purpose of his reelection is for him to serve the nation as president, which is the very thing he is not doing. 

He spends his time watching TV, hurling random attacks at Joe Biden, and shaking up his presidential campaign. We have come to see that as perfectly normal. But it’s not normal!

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