Moving your business to The Netherlands.

More and more companies are established in The Netherlands as a result of Brexit.

Birch Wealth Solutions B.V. is well equipped to help family business owners in their efforts to create a foothold within the EU for their continental business.

Now, there are in total 140 “brexit companies” says the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (“NFIA”). According to the NFIA (source: )

“Media companies Discovery and Ridley Scott, credit rating agency AMBest and Life Sciences & Health manufacturer Shionogi were amongst the companies choosing the Netherlands because of Brexit. Together, these 140 companies expect to create more than 4,200 direct jobs and 375 million euros in investments in the first three years.”

“The 78 companies that opted for the Netherlands last year because of Brexit are an important part of the 2019 annual results of Invest in Holland. In total of 397 international companies chose to move to or expand in the Netherlands last year. These companies expect to create more than 14,000 direct jobs and invest 4.3 billion euros in the first three

“The number of Brexit companies that are focusing on the Netherlands still continues to grow. The NFIA is talking to 425 Brexit companies about a switch or expansion to our country, up to 175 from the beginning of 2019. This includes British companies, but also American and Asian parties that are reconsidering their current European structure due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit. Each of these companies has unique concerns about access to the European Market. This may involve the possible barriers to trade or off specific products or services, administrative barriers or extra procedures, access to international talent for research & development or the loss of European innovation funds.”

According to the NFIA:

“Ranked No. 4 in the world by Forbes’ “Best Countries for Business”, Holland is truly a world-class business destination. Holland’s strategic location at Europe’s front door provides the perfect springboard into the European market—with access to 95% of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Add to that Holland’s supportive corporate tax structure, highly educated, multilingual workforce, and superior logistics and technology infrastructure and it’s no wonder so many multinational businesses—from small and mid-sized to Fortune 500 leaders—have chosen the Netherlands as their gateway to Europe.”

What can Birch Wealth Solutions do for you?

We are able to provide the following services at transparant and predictable fees.

Incorporation: we incorporate Dutch entities like BV, NV, Foundation, Co-op, Limited partnership and take care of the business registration at the Chamber of Commerce,

Domciliation: we provide a registered office address at Groningen, the start-up City nr. 1. in the Netherlands

Management: we provide experienced directors and take care of the day to day correspondence, board and shareholder meetings, maintenance and custody of all corporate records,

Administration: we take care of the bookkeeping and annual accounts,

Tax: we will registrate the company and file VAT and the annual Income Tax statement with the Tax authorities.

Please contact us via

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